Next Step Support Ltd provides a Supported Living Accommodation Service. This is a combination of housing and support services intended as a cost-effective way to help people live more stable, productive lives. Supported Living Accommodation is widely believed to work especially well for those who face complex challenges—individuals and families confronted with serious, persistent issues. These may include substance abuse, addiction or alcoholism, mental illness, or other serious challenges to a successful life and who also have very low incomes.

Placements are offered subject to referral and full assessment of the client’s needs.  Clients are fully involved and will be invited to view suitable placements prior to making a choice.

Costs will be agreed with the placing authority as part of the planning process. Clients are likely to have been allocated a Personal Budget and may be receiving Direct Payments.

Supported Living Accommodation can be coupled with other social services, such as job training, life skills training, alcohol and drug abuse  education and prevention programs and case management to people in need of assistance, including people suffering with mental health, acquired  brain injury, or learning disability.

All referrals will be fully assessed, with input from the client and professionals, to ensure that the Supported Living Accommodation placement is a pragmatic and effective solution for the client, whilst reducing the overall cost of care.

At Next Step Support Ltd, we provide well-appointed, furnished flats and shared houses for vulnerable adults within our local communities and surrounding boroughs.  Properties will be supplied furnished and ready to move in.

Highly trained staff are available 24 hours a day 365 days a year to meet your needs and requirements. One to one support will be provided as required by the clients personalised plan.

Next Step Support Ltd is a well-established organisation and, through the delivery of our Supported  Living Accommodation Service, we have built up strong working relationships with our partners and local authorities. We work closely with various local councils and voluntary organisations to assess referrals for individuals who need it most, and to provide effective and appropriate placements for their needs.

Our housing portfolio is expanding. If we show no current vacancies, we may still be in the process of acquiring property, which may become available soon. Please contact us for placements, including urgent requirements, so that we can plan and support you better. We are responsive to requests for new accommodation and our portfolio continues to expand.

We are able to source a variety of accommodation including:

  • Shared houses
  • Studio flats
  • 1 bedroom flats
  • 2 bedroom flats
  • Onsite games rooms
  • En-suite  accommodation