K is a 35 year old with a history of schizophrenia who moved into Claremont House in 2015. Previously, K would often be found begging for money on the streets and repeatedly found himself in trouble with the Police

When he first moved into Claremont House, K isolated himself in his flat and lacked any kind of motivation to do anything outside and just wanted to be left on his own.

All he wanted to do was sit around or sleep all day long.

Through daily support and regular one to one key working sessions, the support staff worked with K to change his isolating behaviour and re-socialise him.  Developing a relationship with K and building trust was paramount.

Smart goal and task setting was a big part of these key working sessions and K was soon cleaning his own flat, budgeting his own money and shopping with support.

K’s Dad had previously been his financial appointee, as K was unable to manage his own finances due to bad gambling habits in the past. But with support, K learnt how to manage his own money. K was coming out of his shell and growing in confidence, day by day.

By 2016, K expressed an interest in becoming a DJ/ Rapper and to enable him to achieve this ambition, K   completed several music and computer courses at the City Literary Institute in Holborn. He was now able to use his newfound skills to entertain the staff team and the residents at Claremont House, and would regularly brighten up the day with his unique style of rap music.

K also wanted to start playing football again, and so was introduced to the Leyton Orient FC foundation, which organised a program of football coaching and training sessions locally.  K is a very good footballer and was soon selected to represent the Leyton Orient Foundation team. Every week, K would travel independently to train and play in matches against other foundation teams.

 By Christmas 2016, K’s confidence and independent living skills had developed to such an extent, that he was able to travel on his own to visit his family in Jamaica. K enjoyed his first holiday for many years and was able spent both Christmas and New Year with his family.

With the support of Claremont House, K has worked very hard and managed to completely turn his life around.

In May 2017, K was able to move out of Claremont House and into his very own flat nearby. K receives a minimal amount of floating support and he now manages to shop, cook, clean his flat and budget independently. He is now now completely in control of his own finances.

K’s mental health has greatly improved and he no longer requires anti-psychotic Depot injections, but instead manages to administer his own tablet medication.

K is very content with his life and still plays football regularly, and enjoys being a DJ and making rap music.

The bonds and friendships built up at Claremont House still continue to this day, as K visits the scheme every fortnight. He will pop in for a cup of tea and a catch up, and will then invariably entertain staff and residents with one of his latest rap music creations.. just like old times