L. is a 40 year old man, with a Sickle Cell disease and a memory deficit disorder, who moved into Sylvester House in 2011. As a result of his Sickle Cell disorder, L. suffers with severe back pain but has been non compliant with his medication. 

When L. first arrived at Sylvester House, he would repeatedly call 999 for an ambulance or the Fire brigade whenever in pain, and would also attend Accident & Emergency (A&E). In just one day, L. made seventeen 999 emergency calls for ambulance and fire, and visited the Accident & Emergency department at the Homerton Hospital. 

To resolve this situation, the Sylvester House team arranged for strategy meetings with the Homerton Hospital and with emergency services. New protocols were then established that alerted Sylvester House whenever L. presented himself in A&E or called 999. This eliminated the risks of over medication and overdose, reduced his 999 calls and prevented ambulances or fire engines being dispatched unnecessarily.

 Sylvester House staff also arranged for L. to have an urgent review of his pain medication with his GP and as a result his pain medication was changed to one more effective. Regular Key working sessions worked with L. to explain the risks of overdosing and that new protocols have been set up whenever he calls 999 calls and visits the hospital A&E. L. started to speak to Sylvester House staff when in pain, which was less frequent now as he was on the correct pain medication.

 Consequently, L. no longer calls 999 or spends his days waiting in hospital A&E departments. Instead, he engages his time in further education, sports and leisure activities, and in finding part time employment.

L. has now completed several courses at the Hackney Community College, Leyton College and The Centre for Better Health, and studied English, Maths, Health & Safety, Cooking and Catering. L. has also just enrolled onto a Carpentry and Home Maintenance course at a London Community College starting in September 2017.

 Today, L. is fully determined to continually educate and up skill himself in order to find employment, and has recently found work with the cleaning/maintenance team of a North London gym.

 L. now lives a very active and healthy lifestyle and attends a leisure gym regularly with a fellow resident, and is also part of the Sylvester House weekly swimming group. L. also enjoys some downtime by playing some fun games on his X-Box in his flat.

In April 2017, L. was able to fly all on his own from London to Lagos in Nigeria for a two-week holiday, seeing his family for the first time in many, many years and meeting his new born niece.                 

The Sylvester House team were in regular contact with him as he negotiated airports and boarded several flights, but L. managed to successfully travel independently.

In July 2017, L. was part of the Sylvester House holiday to Newquay in Cornwall and he enjoyed himself immensely, especially on the boat trips and swimming in the sea. L. is now looking forward to a holiday in Spain or France next year with fellow Sylvester House residents.