Matthew moved into White Hart Lane project in August 2019. He is diagnosed with Epilepsy and has a drug addiction. Matthew is a very clean and tidy gentleman and always makes sure that his flat is tidy. He is pleasant to clients and staff. He complies with his medication and attends his appointments.

Matthew is very good with his personal care and takes pride in himself and grooms himself regularly.

Staff supported Matthew to settle in and, through keyworking sessions, Matthew was asked about things that he enjoyed doing and what can we do to help him get rid of his drug addiction.

  Matthew has an interest in Arts and has decorated his flat very well. Staff found College courses for him and he agreed to pay for these and attend. Matthew told staff he wants to turn a new leaf and he needs to occupy his time with things to do. Matthew told staff that when he gets bored that’s when he takes drugs. Staff encouraged him to draw up a timetable and include all the things he would like to do on daily basis which includes (Gym, arts classes, walks in the local community, working on different art projects)

Matthew attended the Grove (drug and alcohol service) by himself regularly and gets tested for drugs. He was referred for recovery sessions which he continues to attend.

Matthew is shown holding one of his creations. A painting with Next Step Support written in Graffiti for which he was thanked by the company with his choice of a nice meal out.

Matthew is currently working on a hand painted picture of Alexandra palace.