Joey Oskys

Service Manager

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My Success Story

I am delighted to have been with the company for over 3 years now.
I joined Next Step Support in October 2016, as a Deputy Service Manager, however, because this organisation invests in the future and nurtures the personal and professional growth of its employees, I was given the opportunity to develop into a Service Manager role.
Staff are encouraged to develop with and within the company, learning new skills, learning how to best support our service users, taking on new responsibilities and being empowered to manage.
Managers interact and communicate regularly, including the regular managers meetings, where the agenda includes identifying progress and recognising success across all of our services.
We also have social activities organised for us, which makes working with Next Step Support so much more exciting; examples include, going out for dinners, arranged nights out for managers’ monthly professional meetings, agendas in identifying progress and recognising success for all our services.

Next Steps Support’s approach to employment is staff orientated from the start, ensuring that staff feel part of the company and valued.
The company has a culture for enthusiasm, and of recognising each individual’s abilities.
Senior management keeps a constant eye on employee satisfaction levels, and address any issues that may arise
With the support and encouragement of our management team, I was promoted to Service Manager in April 2019. I was personally supported by the Managing Director, with focused monitoring and identifying improvements to achieve positive outcomes, not just for myself in terms of developing organizational and leadership skills, but as a result, improving the well being of service users
I worked hard, focusing on my team, but also to support all employees within the company.

During my period as a deputy manager Next Step Support enrolled me for QCF Level 5 in health and social care.
I am pleased to say that I have achieved this qualification and this has increased my understanding of organizational management and leadership, specifically for my role.
With the continued support from Next Step Support, I look forward to another rewarding 3 years and more, of providing care for others.

p.s  I wanted to feature my pet greyhound, Haze. She is a rescue dog and is very affectionate, as you can see.

Haze not only helps me to relax, but some of the clients love going on walks with her, so she is making her own contribution to their therapy and well being, even though she just enjoys all the fuss and the walks.