Jamie Lea Jones – Success Story – Moving On and Getting Married!!!


A year ago, today, I did not think my life would be like this. I was preparing to move into Cannon Kirk, which is where I thought I would live forever, and I thought I would never find someone, or feel the way I do now.

I was incredibly shy moving in and did not really know what it would look like. The staff did not give up on me, and helped me to trust them, even if that was the manager being really silly as we queued for Sainsburys during lockdown! I soon learned to trust them, and I had a safety net when I needed them, which soon lead to me stopping (mostly) hurting myself and finding different ways of managing my mood. I am so much happier now.

The staff at Cannon Kirk are very supportive and helpful, the managers clearly want to be in the job, I can tell. The support that I have had here has changed my life and helped me be able to move on, because without you guys, I probably would not still be here. I want to say Thank You to Charlotte in particular, who always picked up the phone, no matter what time of day I needed her (even if she was then grouchy the next day with no sleep!)

So this weekend I am picking up the keys to my own flat, with my Fiancé, and wedding planning is under way! I’ve promised the Cannon Kirk Staff I’ll invite them, especially Shereen and Charlotte as they already have their hats!!!


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