A female client, C.A, living in one of our Finchley locations has written the following and wanted to share her story on our web site.

C.A has achieved amazing progress since she has been living with us. She has been very honest about what she mentioned on the testimony. I have helped her to correct some parts to make it more interesting as she deserves it for the tremendous progress she has done.

She has given permission to use this on the website and wants her name to be anonymous but has consented to the use of her initials are allowed. She did not want her picture as well to appear on the website.

C.A writes: –

“I was 18 when I moved into C. House (Finchley Service) in 2017. It was really frightening and nerve-wracking, however, the staff helped to settle me in. I had just been discharged from a Recovery House after spending time in hospital.

I had failed my GCSEs in year 11. The first few months at C. House was about getting used to the new environment and recuperating after a difficult year.

In September of that year, I started college again after 2 years and so I was advised to do Level 1 Health and Social Care to help me re-integrate into college life. I also re-sat my Maths and English GCSEs. I completed the year and passed my Maths  GCSE. I also started a work placement at a Dementia day care centre.

The staff helped me to attend college and work on difficult days and kept me on track with my coursework. The following year, I continued to Level 2 in Health and Social Care and started a new work placement at MENCAP which helped with my confidence as a professional and in my personal life.

I re-sat my English GCSE for the third time and managed to pass with a decent grade. The next step of my journey was Access to Nursing which I have now completed, and I also now have my first paid job as a Nursery Assistant.

This year, 2020 I have done many university interviews and UCAS applications and have managed to pass them and I will be starting university in September.

Throughout the years I have had many breakdowns, tantrums and low moments. It definitely wasn’t easy, and I wasn’t always the easiest for the staff to deal with.

However, the staff kept their patience and helped me through the bad and helped create amazing memories like going on holiday. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the SUPPORT OF THE STAFFS AT C HOUSE (Finchley Service). I still get bad days, but I am learning to control them better.

I can say that I am quite proud of how far I have come compared to when I first stepped into C House. I mean sometimes I still can’t believe of the progress I have made.