13 Weeks ago, these ladies had their normal routine disrupted which they have found to be difficult. They went from visiting the community daily to having to learn about the reason behind the lockdown Covid-19.

For any clients with disabilities a change in their routine can cause for a deterioration within their mental health however we managed to find a way to prevent this from happening and this was with PE with Joe Wicks.

Joe Wicks – The online body coach started completing daily workouts in the morning from 9 am live through Facebook and YouTube. At the beginning when we implemented this the clients were not sure however, with encouragement from the staff they started completing the workouts.

At first, it was once or twice a week and by the third week they completed the whole 5 days, and this has continued for 13 WEEKS.

They found that not only did this help with their mental health but also supported them with their healthy living, as they managed to adopt a diet plan with the support from staff.

To mark their achievement, we congratulated them and presented a certificate which they are extremely happy with.

We are immensely proud of them and mainly and most importantly, they are proud of themselves.

We owe Joe Wicks, a big thank you for giving up his time during the lockdown, and shout out a massive well done to these ladies.

The morning work outs have become part of our everyday living, and we will continue to follow this on.


Well done to Natasha, Susan and Deepa we are very proud of you ladies 😊