I would like to take this opportunity with you staff recognition scheme to talk about Ian. (Full name referenced), new service manager at Bedford rosewood. Ian had recently been our team leader at the service.

Since I have started here at next step support Ian has made me feel welcome and a valued member of the team, Ian is always sure to recognise mine, and my colleagues strengths and often reiterates to our team just how important all of our skills are combined as one team. Ian is especially good at always striving to keep staff moral on a good level and always keeps me and the team in good spirits, which is always worth looking forward to.

I believe I has absolutely great people skills, and Ian truly has a deep intuition with others feelings to both staff and service users, while still remaining professional and transparent. Ian has an amazing ability to adapt to pressing situations while all the time being strategic about an occurring situation. Ian also takes on board staffs opinions when it comes to resolving issues and is a great advocate of team players, inputs and ideas.

In my personal experience with Ian as a manager I want to say that I have had the best support from Ian, especially through some challenges I have faced recently, Ian has been kind and patient with me and so he has made me realise I can achieve better and I think I have definitely come more into my own and, out of my shell so to speak because of how he has supported me. Ian has made me want to do the best I possibly can and has support me all the way through.

I am honestly grateful to have Ian as my manager, I absolutely love my job at rosewood with next step support and it makes things all the more brighter with Ian here, there is always a great atmosphere here at rosewood and I think in my opinion, that is down to Ian (full name referenced).


Thank you,

Amey Chapman