A compliment for our Goff’s Oak team

August 12, 2021 3:40 pm

We were delighted to receive the following comments from a parent of a service user. “R’s flat is very well appointed with all modern accessories, kitchen appliances & furniture. R has settled very well and enjoys her flat and the independence it gives her. The Staff are very supportive and encouraging to her.  They are also welcoming to visitors and very approachable and I know that if I have any queries or concerns I can always phone the office. Now that COVID restrictions are easing staff are taking clients on outings which R has enjoyed. I am so relieved to see how well R is doing and how much she has progressed. Also she is now much more motivated and... View Article

A note of recognition for Caylee

August 12, 2021 3:30 pm

Supporting our service users typically means working with and collaborating with other professionals to achieve positive outcomes for our clients. Sometimes this includes service user interaction with the local Police service. Following a visit from detectives to talk to a service user about their behaviours of concern, the detectives observed another service user experience a mental health relapse and become verbally aggressive. They were impressed by how our support team, notably Caylee Macdonald,  managed the situation and calmed the service user. We subsequently received an email from a Detective Constable recognising the situation and our efforts, which included the following praise ” hats off to you and your team for the work you do”. Email on file.