Compliments from our clients and staff at one of our Bedford based services.

October 7, 2020 1:02 pm

It’s always pleasing and rewarding to receive recognition.

When clients want to share and  express their appreciation, it goes a long way to endorsing the approach that the member of staff has taken, and shows the support is  real, meaningful and personal.

When members of the support team take the time to reflect on the support they give each other, it strengthens their understanding and team work.

We are pleased to share comments expressed by a client and member of staff from one of our services in Bedford.


Michelle Lee ( support worker) received the following recognition and compliments from a client. ( their consent has been given to publish)

“Michelle as a staff member went above and beyond her duty twice last week when I was in crisis. She was patient, kind, and I feel she was honest. She gave me her time and not once did it seem like it was a chore for herself.

She helped me through crisis and by the end of it I was smiling! She spent all her time with me that she could and she just made me feel safe and her interpersonal skills were second to none. The skills and experience she has really shined as she managed to do what many have never done, tamed and managed me when I am in a heightened emotional state. She kept me from harming myself and that is the epitome doing a job well done and being a good support worker. “


Michelle has also expressed thanks for the support that she  has been shown by Charlotte and Shereen, her service Project Service Manager and Area Manager respectively.

“I would like to thank you all for your recognition of the amazing and good work that I have had the opportunity to do at Bedford House, I would also like to thank you, ( Charlotte) and Shereen personally for supporting me every time I call on you both, which has enable me to give ( the client) the best support.”

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