A Compliment and a Big Thank You and Well Done to all the team at Churchfield House

July 1, 2020 2:19 pm

It is always pleasing and rewarding to hear that our service user’s families feel our support is contributing to the fantastic progress their child is making and  we appreciate their taking the  time to compliment staff. It really makes a difference for us to hear it, especially from close family.

We always share feed back with our support teams and of course, especially enjoy sharing such comments as the one below.

Zarak, our Service Manager in Churchfield House, one of our services in Barnet, has received this compliment from one of our service user’s parents. We have been given permission to reproduce these comments, including all names, if we wish. All details can be collaborated in written records.

Our service user’s parents write –

“We just wanted to say a huge thanks to you, Dan and all the staff for supporting M so well the entire time he has been at Churchfield House.

We have never seen him so happy, calm and focused. He has grown in confidence since moving in and we are hugely impressed with the way you all look after everyone in your care.

I wish every young person could get the same outstanding level of care that M and the other residents get. You all support M and us so well and any question is always answered quickly.

The staff are all absolutely amazing and it means we can sleep at night.  M has interacted well with you all at a level I had always hoped for and it is your patience,  kindness and understanding that has helped him feel secure.

Many thanks to you all for everything you have done and continue to do.

Kind regards,”

Well Done Everyone

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